Stop giving yourself to your problems

You feel depressed, disappointed at your failures, your happiness bomb defused? Stop worrying. Just relax a bit and look at your past, you were actually nothing but an embryo, anybody or anything could have destroyed you; yet they didn’t, you went on to grow into something incredible, somebody who could feel, speak, listen and write. May be more. Look at the sky, vast never ending space, it is spread all through the world yet it’s not touched by or does not touch anything.

How can somebody be all pervading yet non-attached? The universal question of power.

Things that look bright needn’t necessarily be omnipotent may be they borrowed their power from something more powerful. Similarly, your sorrows borrow power from your weaknesses and shine bright. Stop giving them the light, they will soon turn dark and vanish out of sight.

The question of power is not about all-controlling potential but self-controlling omnipotence. You have that you can rule the world if not, you will be a part of the universe as long as the universe lives but nothing more.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

I would love to leave back a simple legacy of bravery nothing more. When I leave this place I want people to remember that I lived a brave life. I took clear decisions and I inspired people to do so. Though I have not done or doing any of those now, I would certainly do them before the I leave the place for good. For, leaving a coward is equivalent to not having lived at all.

Managing yourself

A leader is sometimes born and almost all the time made. He who has control over himself/herself can control anyone. Controlling oneself is an internship to mastering the art of leadership. Sometimes indeliberately, while sometimes with an absolute focus they exert their aura over everyone. The senses, the five of them are the most difficult and most capable employees. When you control all of them and employ them towards the path of success, you will be lead to your destination, no doubt. Billions of us are slaves while a few of us are leaders, why?. Every one of us is a slave to our senses, slave to nature; nature will drive us wherever the senses could take us. When controlled, you become the boss of the five best employees in the world; when they control, you become a slave to five most powerful people. You know how hard it is to report to more than one boss at the same time. Master your senses, you will master yourself. There is nothing better to do in this universe other than feeling in control of yourself.

An excerpt from Swami Vivekananda with some of my views splashed.

A Word in need is a word indeed

A Word in need is a word indeed

Bon voyage Hermano!; Let God give you the sense to realize Joie de vivre! The book per se does not emphasize the life of Steve jobs.

Did you notice the underlined bold words above? They all have a thing in common; foreign phrases frequently used by English speaking people.

Bon– generally means good and it comes from Latin. Bon voyage wishes you a happy journey. Hermano is a Latin word too and it signifies the fraternity, it means brother in Spanish.

When I can find all those easy words in English why do I need Latin and Greek to complicate my language and make my brain go rounds? You might wonder. I would agree with you, if I am ignorant of the benefits of these phrases. That’s the reason why I am goanna elucidate those benefits to you as well.

Well before I forget the explanations, Joie de vivre means Joy of Living and it is French. Per se translates to By Itself in English and it originates in Latin.

Confidence is a well-known and one of the most used English words in the world. Let us do a little research on its ancestors and origin. Con + fidence, that’s how it breaks in its place of origin.

Con means “together” and fidel means “faith”. Both these Latin words together form the coming together of faiths, to give us the English word Confidence.  So, there you go one of your close friends has been stripped of his veils.

Never stop here, go ask some more of your friends (words) where do they come from and if they don’t tell you go to and ask there, most probably you will be given an answer or two perhaps.  If you still don’t get that identity then it could actually be one of those few words which have English origin.

Foreign phrases used in your article always make you a learned person and believe me most of the times they make you bring out the exact meaning you want to put forward. So start learning many of these foreign guys to become a better writer. Always there for your help, best editors at documendz.

Becoming a better writer

Becoming a better writer

Writing – well anybody who is educated enough to understand what others say in a particular subject can write about that particular subject. But, the question is how to not fall in the mediocre range?

Writing comes in various forms to us. It reaches us, as news articles through magazines, as stories through novels, as gossips through social networks. Every genre of writing demands a different kind of skill set. Not everybody can impress all the audiences. Well cooked food satiates your appetite, like a well written article that titillates your senses.

When you read you experience everything the author wants you to experience vicariously, you experience murder, laughter, melancholy, love and a whole new life. To give this kind of experience you should be a well-read author, or do you need to be? When what you write gets reviewed by an experienced author it can enrich your skills in a whole new way. You get to interact with the experts and at the same time embellish your article with professional styles. This is where “documendz” can help you unleash your writer and teach him one too many tricks.

Here are some tips to improve your writing skills, if you are a writer already or planning to become one in the near future.

  1. Read, read and read. But don’t just read. Read to appreciate the intricate style of the writer. Read to enjoy the picturesque portrayed by the author. Read to enrich your choice of words, helping you set your own style.
  2. It is only while you edit your logical part of the brain overtakes and checks for every silly grammar mistake to every possible innovative inclusions possible. But here at “documendz” share your article and get it edited by tons of professional writers to get your best possible write-up.
  3. While you write you enjoy, the way you write and the visuals you create. It is an expression of yourself that otherwise would have stayed inside you forever. Know thyself through thy writing.
  4. Keep it short and succinct. If you are a starter, unless you want to write about the history of big-bang or a review on all the seven Harry Potter books, you better keep it short. Short and crisp articles always attract many readers and help you to learn a lot on writing, which you might miss while working on longer articles. Never get an overdose.

To make all of these work you should keep writing, as the well-known saying goes “Practice makes you perfect”. So, what are you waiting for GO, Start a blog or something!! And don’t forget to add me in your followers list. J

Change- the constant variable

Everything in this world keeps moving, even our beloved planet is not at the same position for more than a second. Yet we, the people of this convivial world think that almost everything is stable except for things like ice creams out of the freezer. Funny, though things are not evanescent they are not permanent either. Why should you die today by resting hopes on “after 20 years”. It is not fair. Nobody except for some spiritual people can predict the next second in this place yet we all assume that we know better. If things in this world are going to change, they are not going to inform every human, but we being super smart predict their changes beforehand using tech. If there is one thing in this universe that is absolutely true, it is this,
Things which don’t move, things which don’t change can’t survive.” The Universe is the perfect example. Earth stops moving she falls, we stop changing we fail, finallywe all fall.

The Freedom

I am free, I am free to choose A or B, I am free to choose swimming or cycling, I am free to choose red or blue. But unfortunately I am not offered C or an option to walk out of these choices to make something for myself.

“The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted”

How many people can put their hands up and say confidently that they made their own mistakes to learn what they are doing right now. There are billions of people out there in this beautiful and lively planet earth, but hardly a million can say that they have made their own share of mistakes in the world. It’s time for us to start choosing and making our own mistakes, ’cause only through mistakes will we ever learn what are we made of.

Am I the sun, or the moon?

Am I the one thing that makes up everyone from the dawn?

Am I the king who protects his subjects?

Or am I the miserable old lady out there bitching?

Alas! I realize, the minute before death,

I am what I wanted to be but I hardly ever tried.

The trials and attempts made to become someone will embellish our life with experiences to learn the life as it is. It’s the stone which gets strikes from all around, loses its unwanted parts to come out as the one pretty statue inspiring many people. To get the strikes the trials and errors are important. Let us start making mistakes, that’s the true freedom.