In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take a Chance on┬áMe.”

Yes, I never thought I would but I did. when i was at the cross-roads during my mid twenties I took a chance by taking the road unknown. I never thought I would take that road but somehow I did. Circumstances did play a part but I won’t let them take all the blame. It was the first ever decision in my life, a decision that could re-define the way I am gonna live it. I always said to myself though, that if I get a chance I would take it; would never say no to anything that could transform me into something. This road I mentioned is full of hardships, but hey, if not for hardships what can make a man or woman who he will be ?. I am glad I have taken the route which happened to me. I am sorry it is still not ripe enough to talk about the second part of the question. I am waiting to find out and believe me it is the moment I love patience the most.