Stop giving yourself to your problems

You feel depressed, disappointed at your failures, your happiness bomb defused? Stop worrying. Just relax a bit and look at your past, you were actually nothing but an embryo, anybody or anything could have destroyed you; yet they didn’t, you went on to grow into something incredible, somebody who could feel, speak, listen and write. May be more. Look at the sky, vast never ending space, it is spread all through the world yet it’s not touched by or does not touch anything.

How can somebody be all pervading yet non-attached? The universal question of power.

Things that look bright needn’t necessarily be omnipotent may be they borrowed their power from something more powerful. Similarly, your sorrows borrow power from your weaknesses and shine bright. Stop giving them the light, they will soon turn dark and vanish out of sight.

The question of power is not about all-controlling potential but self-controlling omnipotence. You have that you can rule the world if not, you will be a part of the universe as long as the universe lives but nothing more.