Book Clubs!

Rich experience of a book clubber

The Room of Requirement

I had been longing for a book club experience. I first read about book clubs in reader’s digest a few years ago, it was an article about housewives meeting in their spare time. At first I thought maybe it’s a club for housewives. I searched on the internet for book clubs around Secunderabad, the best I could find were online forums where most of the discussions were mere disagreements of each other’s opinion or simply put, fighting!

About a year ago I started working, to my delight my firm had book clubs that we could enroll for as a part of the Communication Excellence program. Navigating through work during the early days and being overwhelmed by the magnitude of work during busy seasons kept me away from registering for one of the clubs.

It was last month that I finally enrolled for “The Namesake”. The whole experience was exhilarating. Reading…

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