In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

I would love to leave back a simple legacy of bravery nothing more. When I leave this place I want people to remember that I lived a brave life. I took clear decisions and I inspired people to do so. Though I have not done or doing any of those now, I would certainly do them before the I leave the place for good. For, leaving a coward is equivalent to not having lived at all.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Super Sensitive.”

I would happily renounce my sense of smell and gain super vision. I have always wanted to see things I have not been able to because of the distance. I have felt alone may time in my life because I was not able to see people around me. If I could see anyone living across miles, I could just vicariously live a life of togetherness, a life of gregariousness. Overall my improved sense of vision could easily replace my lost sense of smell as I will have a clear vision at all times rather than a good smell of things.

Between Generals: A Newly Translated Short Story by Antonio Tabucchi

Between Generals: A Newly Translated Short Story by Antonio Tabucchi

A wonderful story. Happy to reblog.


Antonio Tabucchi | from the collection Time Ages in a Hurry | Archipelago Books | May 2015 | 13 minutes (3,194 words)

Our latest Longreads Exclusive is a newly translated short story from Time Ages in a Hurry, a collection by Antonio Tabucchi, as recommended by Longreads contributor A. N. Devers

“A result of living in a place as inescapably public as New York City is that its people are deeply private in public spaces — eye contact on the street and subways is actively discouraged and conversation between strangers is kept to a minimum — making it easy to forget that its greatest asset is the stories of its people. We’re reminded of this in “Between Generals” a quiet and nuanced portrait of a man by the late Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi, in which we learn about the complicated history of one of New York City’s immigrants, a former Hungarian General who realizes he spent…

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Book Clubs!

Rich experience of a book clubber

The Room of Requirement

I had been longing for a book club experience. I first read about book clubs in reader’s digest a few years ago, it was an article about housewives meeting in their spare time. At first I thought maybe it’s a club for housewives. I searched on the internet for book clubs around Secunderabad, the best I could find were online forums where most of the discussions were mere disagreements of each other’s opinion or simply put, fighting!

About a year ago I started working, to my delight my firm had book clubs that we could enroll for as a part of the Communication Excellence program. Navigating through work during the early days and being overwhelmed by the magnitude of work during busy seasons kept me away from registering for one of the clubs.

It was last month that I finally enrolled for “The Namesake”. The whole experience was exhilarating. Reading…

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