Managing yourself

A leader is sometimes born and almost all the time made. He who has control over himself/herself can control anyone. Controlling oneself is an internship to mastering the art of leadership. Sometimes indeliberately, while sometimes with an absolute focus they exert their aura over everyone. The senses, the five of them are the most difficult and most capable employees. When you control all of them and employ them towards the path of success, you will be lead to your destination, no doubt. Billions of us are slaves while a few of us are leaders, why?. Every one of us is a slave to our senses, slave to nature; nature will drive us wherever the senses could take us. When controlled, you become the boss of the five best employees in the world; when they control, you become a slave to five most powerful people. You know how hard it is to report to more than one boss at the same time. Master your senses, you will master yourself. There is nothing better to do in this universe other than feeling in control of yourself.

An excerpt from Swami Vivekananda with some of my views splashed.

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