Bon voyage Hermano!; Let God give you the sense to realize Joie de vivre! The book per se does not emphasize the life of Steve jobs.

Did you notice the underlined bold words above? They all have a thing in common; foreign phrases frequently used by English speaking people.

Bon– generally means good and it comes from Latin. Bon voyage wishes you a happy journey. Hermano is a Latin word too and it signifies the fraternity, it means brother in Spanish.

When I can find all those easy words in English why do I need Latin and Greek to complicate my language and make my brain go rounds? You might wonder. I would agree with you, if I am ignorant of the benefits of these phrases. That’s the reason why I am goanna elucidate those benefits to you as well.

Well before I forget the explanations, Joie de vivre means Joy of Living and it is French. Per se translates to By Itself in English and it originates in Latin.

Confidence is a well-known and one of the most used English words in the world. Let us do a little research on its ancestors and origin. Con + fidence, that’s how it breaks in its place of origin.

Con means “together” and fidel means “faith”. Both these Latin words together form the coming together of faiths, to give us the English word Confidence.  So, there you go one of your close friends has been stripped of his veils.

Never stop here, go ask some more of your friends (words) where do they come from and if they don’t tell you go to and ask there, most probably you will be given an answer or two perhaps.  If you still don’t get that identity then it could actually be one of those few words which have English origin.

Foreign phrases used in your article always make you a learned person and believe me most of the times they make you bring out the exact meaning you want to put forward. So start learning many of these foreign guys to become a better writer. Always there for your help, best editors at documendz.

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