Change- the constant variable

Everything in this world keeps moving, even our beloved planet is not at the same position for more than a second. Yet we, the people of this convivial world think that almost everything is stable except for things like ice creams out of the freezer. Funny, though things are not evanescent they are not permanent either. Why should you die today by resting hopes on “after 20 years”. It is not fair. Nobody except for some spiritual people can predict the next second in this place yet we all assume that we know better. If things in this world are going to change, they are not going to inform every human, but we being super smart predict their changes beforehand using tech. If there is one thing in this universe that is absolutely true, it is this,
Things which don’t move, things which don’t change can’t survive.” The¬†Universe is the perfect example. Earth stops moving she falls, we stop changing we fail, finallywe all fall.

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