The Freedom

I am free, I am free to choose A or B, I am free to choose swimming or cycling, I am free to choose red or blue. But unfortunately I am not offered C or an option to walk out of these choices to make something for myself.

“The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted”

How many people can put their hands up and say confidently that they made their own mistakes to learn what they are doing right now. There are billions of people out there in this beautiful and lively planet earth, but hardly a million can say that they have made their own share of mistakes in the world. It’s time for us to start choosing and making our own mistakes, ’cause only through mistakes will we ever learn what are we made of.

Am I the sun, or the moon?

Am I the one thing that makes up everyone from the dawn?

Am I the king who protects his subjects?

Or am I the miserable old lady out there bitching?

Alas! I realize, the minute before death,

I am what I wanted to be but I hardly ever tried.

The trials and attempts made to become someone will embellish our life with experiences to learn the life as it is. It’s the stone which gets strikes from all around, loses its unwanted parts to come out as the one pretty statue inspiring many people. To get the strikes the trials and errors are important. Let us start making mistakes, that’s the true freedom.

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