In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

Like every fly I would probably live for a day or two and I want those days to be the days of holocaust. I know it sounds too sad and depressed, but that is what I would want to experience. Holocaust is one of the worst times of human kind, when people lived without hope on tomorrow. Yet they lived to see the next day. They all knew that they could be the next prey for the pistols which randomly chose at will. Despite all this they lived, they did what they did and survived when they escaped the guns. I would like to fly all over around looking for food not just for survival but for hope. If I have the right to choose to the place where I would be a fly, this is where it would be. I will witness some of the bravest of men and women who found their meaning on their own as Viktor Frank L mentions it “Mankind is the only race which always lives by looking forward to the future”.

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