In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

Like every fly I would probably live for a day or two and I want those days to be the days of holocaust. I know it sounds too sad and depressed, but that is what I would want to experience. Holocaust is one of the worst times of human kind, when people lived without hope on tomorrow. Yet they lived to see the next day. They all knew that they could be the next prey for the pistols which randomly chose at will. Despite all this they lived, they did what they did and survived when they escaped the guns. I would like to fly all over around looking for food not just for survival but for hope. If I have the right to choose to the place where I would be a fly, this is where it would be. I will witness some of the bravest of men and women who found their meaning on their own as Viktor Frank L mentions it “Mankind is the only race which always lives by looking forward to the future”.


Inanition- Absolute beauty of empty

A simple word for a complicated feeling. Have you ever felt completely empty without the drive, desire or thought of anything?

The lack of any feeling or emotion inside is explained by this word inanition. Great sages might have felt this almost impossible feeling. Meditation is the way to achieve this emptiness. And when you are absolutely empty or in inanition you will, get a chance to listen to yourself; the real self.

Difficult but not impossible. Bhagavad Gita calls it “jnana yoga” or the “way of knowledge” to finding the real self.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

There is a DNA of love that is running through all those varieties of love you mentioned. It is the ability to convert pain into pleasure for the love, be it anything or anyone that you love. You will find satisfaction and fulfillment in sacrifice. You will find ecstasy in pain. You will realize happiness is immeasurable when it is there with you through this way. Love is trans-dimensional and so is sacrifice. Sacrifice gives meaning to love and stays with it. Yet you forget the sacrifice when there is love. At Love’s exit the memory of sacrifice comes to mind and you might demand that love stays for the sacrifice you made. Unfortunately it is Love’s decision to grade the sacrifice.

Sacrifice creates, sustains and nurtures Love.


What is the biggest misconception people have about their lives?

That there is something externally you have to do in order to experience happiness.

You say to yourself that once you are done with your education, you can be happy – no more exams, hurrah! Or once you have found the love of your life, got the job of your dreams, the perfect body or a big house at the beach, then you can allow yourself to be happy.

In other words – you attach happiness to an external event.

The reason may not be obvious but every time you reach a goal, new car or a new and better job, you merely move the goalpost of what success looks like, making it impossible to reach happiness, hunting for external goals.

In the bigger scheme of things, happiness and sadness are mere distortions of mind and has nothing to do with external events that you think are important to make or keep you happy.

There is no prize in the end and nobody has figured it out completely. Everyone is struggling, just at varied scales. It is not about your achievements, neither the imaginary staircase you keep climbing everyday.

Happiness is also not a function of ownership, neither money. You keep collecting things to show people how happy you are while in reality, the pursuit of happiness is meaningless.

In reality, happiness is all about the journey and not specific destinations.


There is no path to happiness, Happiness is the path. ~ Buddha

Questions for the Guru

With millions in my mind,
With millions in my hand,
I rejected the offer to join that crazy band.
Questions that stretched, longer than the world
They did play a part of me becoming bald
I think, I think, I think again,
But all I do is stare like bovine.
Questions a plenty and the answers are thrifty
Brilliance does come at a cost,
Yet the cost is not currency,
Cost is not currency.
A long wait for the right guru;
Who will take me through and through
Miles and miles and drop me there.
Where I behold the brilliant best
The path is dark yet the hole looks bright,
For all I believe there is light on the other side.