Fairness- A Universal Joke

Imagine a long race track, so long that you will never be able to see the end of it. Millions are on the touch line with you and you don’t know any of them. You haven’t seen even a soul before; all are new yet they are your fellow competitors, you gotta race them ahead to the end of it. But no matter how long you run you will never have a fair race, as no two of them have the same definition of fair. Well, life is all about it. You could have lost a race against someone who was doped; until and unless the other guy gets caught you will never have your “fairness”. He had external help or boost but it doesn’t matter. You gotta run as fast as you can even if it means you gotta defy the nature or unnatural.

Life is never fair. They say karma, fate, serendipity, well I say name it what you want but you can never rationalize, things out of your control with words. It’s all there written in the book of universe, be good or bad you will have your own long road to be travelled. One stop doesn’t define another. You can catch a bus to failure yet still end up reaching success; in contrary you might have a caught a plane to success yet still ended up in a forest in an aftermath of a crash. Who defines this? What is fairness? If there is nothing called that, then why didn’t we just live the way we wanted? What made us define rules, organizations and scores?

No one knows. Nobody living could answer these questions with the right answers. We were nomads before but we are nomads no more. What changed us? Were we all with the same level of intelligence when we were created or evolved from our ancestors? If so, then where did we lose against each other? If not then who decided the levels? Funny huh?! Well, remember life is all about funny stuffs; just enjoy each step as it comes.

When you make a mistake don’t research what could have gone better and get trepid. Just reassure that the next time will be different for the good. After all we were just some mindless monkeys or orangutans remember?

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