A cup of coffee over desire

Desire is contagious and “epidemic”. It’s a virus that spreads faster than cold and the idiosyncrasy is when it comes to you it makes you feel it is yours, yours alone. It plays the host to hold it dear, it not only is a parasite but also is a venom, and it’s an addiction. Where do you think you picked up your first desire? When you were a child, maybe your friend had that “superhero bottle” that you always wanted, which your parents did procrastinate or refrained themselves from buying, ‘cause they sensed, they could be building a very bad character in you when you got what you wanted very easily.

It’s pretty easy and relatively simpler to say “Don’t get addicted to materialistic things this world has to offer”. It would consume not even 0.1% of your daily energy expenditure. Yet it’s the way things are done that matters in the end. For example, take the most simple yet tremendously ubiquitous drink- “Coffee”. Why did humans invent coffee? They had enough addictions and stress relievers already.

Coffee or caffeine was not invented for its taste or aroma, which are of course parts of the package. But the primary reason coffee was invented is to keep us up when we are down with sleep.

We have always found ways to gain control of our body. We are not big fans of “our involuntary actions staying involuntary”. Caffeine is a drug to help us stretch longer than possible, to lead the race when others were sleeping, to sneak victory through tiny nights. “Survival of the fittest”- as simple as that. The desire to lead was, is and will be the driving force of our lives.

We could have just been those nomadic hunters we were when it all started. But somewhere in the middle we got scared, we became cowards to stop hunting and start sneaking behind a veil. We added a lot of Greek and Latin in between day and night, food and sleep, in the hope of giving something more to what there was.

And then we started saying, “That’s what life is all about”.

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