A Short Story- the final part

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I focussed too much attention towards his premature attempts of family décor to listen entirely to the fodder flowing from his mouth. My wife, on the other hand, appeared to be entirely enthralled by the vaunts of his career. At the time my disgust was targeted exclusively at photographs of grinning toddlers and not my wife’s lewdness. Her lips were a darker shade of red that night.

The following Autumn I was struck by my wife’s infidelity. It was no cause for concern that she had spent a great deal of time helping the Merriweathers move in. Yet, before long she became their reliable babysitter, an occasional dinner guest and a mandatory cog for the family Bridge games. With every one of these frequent jaunts, my wife’s face grew less recognisable as she became more generous with her powders and lipsticks. She was hiding; covering herself and her wrongdoings.


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Fairness- A Universal Joke

Imagine a long race track, so long that you will never be able to see the end of it. Millions are on the touch line with you and you don’t know any of them. You haven’t seen even a soul before; all are new yet they are your fellow competitors, you gotta race them ahead to the end of it. But no matter how long you run you will never have a fair race, as no two of them have the same definition of fair. Well, life is all about it. You could have lost a race against someone who was doped; until and unless the other guy gets caught you will never have your “fairness”. He had external help or boost but it doesn’t matter. You gotta run as fast as you can even if it means you gotta defy the nature or unnatural.

Life is never fair. They say karma, fate, serendipity, well I say name it what you want but you can never rationalize, things out of your control with words. It’s all there written in the book of universe, be good or bad you will have your own long road to be travelled. One stop doesn’t define another. You can catch a bus to failure yet still end up reaching success; in contrary you might have a caught a plane to success yet still ended up in a forest in an aftermath of a crash. Who defines this? What is fairness? If there is nothing called that, then why didn’t we just live the way we wanted? What made us define rules, organizations and scores?

No one knows. Nobody living could answer these questions with the right answers. We were nomads before but we are nomads no more. What changed us? Were we all with the same level of intelligence when we were created or evolved from our ancestors? If so, then where did we lose against each other? If not then who decided the levels? Funny huh?! Well, remember life is all about funny stuffs; just enjoy each step as it comes.

When you make a mistake don’t research what could have gone better and get trepid. Just reassure that the next time will be different for the good. After all we were just some mindless monkeys or orangutans remember?

B(ee)aatle with bright love

No, I never knew

I was the reason, I failed;

Gloom, you ever did,

I loved watching you, yes I did.

As I had my wings, I flew close to you

Without me knowing things, that I was trouble to you

Sometimes I was, close to the sky

Closer I was to the sky, dearer you rose to me,

Like a bee, I reached that beautiful light,

I ended up burnt, like a powerless mite.

I would adorn you, like a flower I thought,

Just an ugly bee, on the way I forgot.

A Song of Ethanol

Through the dark woods of life, I took the scotch as my guide

Your heart beats are mine, sorry I became a swine

I know you are always in, sorry then gin was my kin

Under me I know I was awesome, under them, sorry I was gruesome

Wings I grew, are the sins I know

Melodies I sang, the melancholies you heard,

The power I felt, was the Energy you drained,

Come let’s reverse the time, as all we have left is a dime.

Those days were good, great and vivid;

These times are bad, ugly and livid.


– An ethanol induced song by an alcoholic to his wife.

A cup of coffee over desire

Desire is contagious and “epidemic”. It’s a virus that spreads faster than cold and the idiosyncrasy is when it comes to you it makes you feel it is yours, yours alone. It plays the host to hold it dear, it not only is a parasite but also is a venom, and it’s an addiction. Where do you think you picked up your first desire? When you were a child, maybe your friend had that “superhero bottle” that you always wanted, which your parents did procrastinate or refrained themselves from buying, ‘cause they sensed, they could be building a very bad character in you when you got what you wanted very easily.

It’s pretty easy and relatively simpler to say “Don’t get addicted to materialistic things this world has to offer”. It would consume not even 0.1% of your daily energy expenditure. Yet it’s the way things are done that matters in the end. For example, take the most simple yet tremendously ubiquitous drink- “Coffee”. Why did humans invent coffee? They had enough addictions and stress relievers already.

Coffee or caffeine was not invented for its taste or aroma, which are of course parts of the package. But the primary reason coffee was invented is to keep us up when we are down with sleep.

We have always found ways to gain control of our body. We are not big fans of “our involuntary actions staying involuntary”. Caffeine is a drug to help us stretch longer than possible, to lead the race when others were sleeping, to sneak victory through tiny nights. “Survival of the fittest”- as simple as that. The desire to lead was, is and will be the driving force of our lives.

We could have just been those nomadic hunters we were when it all started. But somewhere in the middle we got scared, we became cowards to stop hunting and start sneaking behind a veil. We added a lot of Greek and Latin in between day and night, food and sleep, in the hope of giving something more to what there was.

And then we started saying, “That’s what life is all about”.

IN^(million)NER PEACE- Where are you?

Why do we need inner peace? We are just okay with the way we are, some hiccups in business, few problems with the boss, a bit tighter finance, well who doesn’t have it and everybody is running along with those troubles so why shouldn’t I ? These questions come as answers to that big question at the top. Well, questions followed by further questions without answers could clearly obscure the way of reaching distinct and plausible solutions. The answer to the first big question can be the “magnum opus” of everyone’s life.

Inner peace is not something that comes after meditation or in Himalayas. Inner peace as the name suggests is always inside, within us but many things hide it well below the garbage. The garbage that we think is prominent, of course it glitters but it’s just waste with too much light on it. To focus on inner peace all of this garbage has to be removed slowly with deep reasons and made sure that they are disposed in an unbreakable prison. We definitely don’t want them messing around again after we achieve our inner peace. The panda needed to know who he was to get inner peace, which he did and the answer was simple, “He was a Panda”. We all comfortably live inside a mask and want ourselves and others to strongly believe that is who we are while in reality we are a completely different individual altogether. We are some simple social animals looking for a solace, most of us, but we fool ourselves with complexities. This leads us to forget the most rudimentary thing in life, who are we? Are we trespassers? Money hunting monkeys? Love searching birds? Are we this? Are we that? Woof! Let’s put a stop to this. We are not who we think we could be, we are what we miss out in the list, we are a part of this evolution cycle, and we could feel five different things and react in million different ways. We are human beings, Homo sapiens, mammals, evolved gorillas or evolving animals. We set ourselves the noblest of rules through religion. There is no logic, no rationalization involved when it comes to religion, we must have surely thought of this but the search was abandoned as we reached a roadblock, well most of us, as the few who were through call themselves names.

The reason is this, religion signifies something we will never be able to rationalize . To accept the fact that there is a world without rationality is indigestible for all of us as we survive everyday with the logic of science. Every phenomenon need not have an epiphenomenon to it. When there is no mountain in front of you, you don’t see it but you can have an atom and even quadrillions of it before you, still you won’t be able to see it. But this will never deny the fact that there are atoms in everything around us and us.

Inner peace is well settled in the cushion of sub-conscious and it comes out only when it is suffocated with meaningless problems-garbage; inner peace is a being, not completely fictitious though. It is real and living inside every being in the world, but only time and enough problems can make you feel her urge to come alive and fondle you in her tender arms.

First Adventure- Hawk Eye

Wings spread, Eyes wide

I ventured into the dark sky

Out of the nest, well, this is my first

With an open mind and a widespread sky

I embarked on my wild life ride

Our vision is sharp, they say

Have I tried it? Nay…

Our hold is strong, they say

Have I tried it? Nay…

With the hunters down,

And Dryness around;

I run this risk, for all I know

A riskless life is a lifeless risk.