There are days and there are the other days. Nothing will be as auspicious as a final match day between the two great rivals of the football world for a football fan. Every fan is made of flesh and blood yet his spirits reach a different level during the match. That is football. I am not here to argue for football but I am here to dissect football and look deep into it, to find out what makes football so frenzy. What makes a guy go Whooooo! and Aaaaah!. Every fan of a sport would want his wish to be fulfilled, his team to win, sometimes beyond realistic expectations. But the one thing in this game is, there is no such thing as a realistic expectation. There are victories and there are defeats. These wins and losses create champions and underdogs. What is so special about football which makes the sport world favorite?  Well this question can get as complicated as possible but the simple answer is the adrenaline flow it gives you, that makes the game – an illusion, an illusion where you transgress into, an illusion which makes you do crazy things, an illusion which makes you pray for your team. A magician can create an illusion, so what makes this illusion unique? A magician keeps you in your seat and entangles you in his web of magic. Football makes you throw away your seats and run into the ground to get a hug from the warrior, the player who made that day for you.

We all know about Gladiators, the heroic slaves of Rome who fought for glory in the field but a pity the people took pleasure in their deaths. Football is a modern day evolution of the ‘Roman sport’ except for the ‘Death’ part. The tremendous joy that gives you tears after your win and the irresistible sorrow that makes you cry after your loss, it all comes from Rome. You can’t be a hypocrite in football.  For every triumph there is a defeat.

A warrior cannot rest in the battlefield. True. Sometimes you get hurt, you fall down yet there comes a moment when the team needs you and you step up like a warrior whose spirit is ready for the final blow.

One thought on “Football- The Black and White Of It

  1. ~ Football makes me nervous and relax at the same time… Funny, but I like it. It seems like I can forget the issues I have in my life even for 90mins… fantastic! Inner peace.

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