Two Lives–Short Love

Two Lives–Short Love

He never thought his first time would be with a blind girl but it happened just like that and he didn’t do anything to stop it. The world seemed more beautiful than ever before. His life seemed complete with the girl. The truth is he never expected to lose his virginity before marriage. Everything that happened yesterday was like a dream. His colorful life illuminated with the bright light of love.

He always had lots of love in him but never knew or never got any opportunity to express it. Yesterday night was his night throughout. The day when he finally got the tag of “Grown Up”.

The phone rang, it was his mother. She had been calling him since morning 7.00, it’s almost twelve now, he never picked up. He was lost in his own world of happiness and love. The images flashed in his memory, the hugs and kisses, he is never going to get out of it at least for a week. He longed for her to come back, make love and be a part of his life forever.

He waited for her, for a very long time it seemed for him; it’s been 7 hours since it happened. He didn’t know her, he hadn’t seen her before, he hadn’t spoken much with her, yet it happened obeying all the ludicrous laws of love without an exception. She was one of a kind, he thought. For the first time he felt, it is ‘meant to be’ her for a long time.

There was a ring in his door, his heart thumped; she is on the door he thought. His first girl and he had already decided that she would be his last. He went near the door, opened it expecting his angel.

Well, she was standing there with his friend who came along to return his stick. He wished him luck and moved away. She entered the room and they both flirted with each other for a very long time, knowing that they both wanted something else, still unwilling to give in, the both of them. He wanted to kneel down and propose her like a prince; there was something that prevented him, something he never felt before, paranoia. He had those silly little creatures – butterflies- in his stomach for the first time. He felt great, he loved this feeling. He thought of making something dramatic, something extraordinary.

He picked up his phone, dialed his mom, “Mom, I finally found where my heart lies mom,

(His Angel blushed), “

“No Son, I don’t think so” she replied calmly without understanding his paranoia, excitement or anything.

He couldn’t understand, he felt everything is right and it his destiny.

“But, Mom—“he struggled for words.

“The nurse told that yesterday you blabbered a lot more than usual Son, Maybe I shouldn’t have left you alone yesterday”. She was controlling her emotions well, but she knew that this was only for a certain limit.

“But Mom, I really prayed to God that the next time should be for real. Please get me out of this false reality mom; i don’t want to live here. Send me to my dreams; I have a life there, a lovely one, though I am blind there too, I love it there mom—“, he staggered.  “You are there with me, mom, all the time” he whimpered. He was in a lot of pain yet no one can tell this is a boon or bane, his two lives.

Sudhan L

Cover Pic: Sunil Kumar Ramesh – Thanks Bud for turning my imagination into a wonderful sketch.